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At MAGNOTHERM, we lead the way in pioneering climate-positive solutions, driving innovation towards a greener future.


sustainable & efficient cooling solutions

Our innovative magnetic cooling technology is a leap that refrigeration hasn’t taken in nearly two centuries. By utilizing magnetically active material, our systems deliver new heights of efficiency in commercial refrigeration, reducing energy and operational costs. On top of this, applying our magnetic cooling technology to hydrogen liquefaction paves a new way towards a decarbonized future.

commercial refrigeration

From airports to zoos, from supermarkets to stadiums, refrigeration and cooling are present throughout every moment of our lives and many facets of the economy. We're building refrigeration systems ready for use for a variety of applications to cool modern life.

Hydrogen Liquefaction

Hydrogen plays a key role in building a low-carbon future, but it's far easier to handle in its liquid state, and liquefaction is an energy intensive process. We are applying magnetic cooling technology to hydrogen liquefaction to supercharge the future of clean energy.

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MAGNOTHERM is a young company that began as a startup spin-off from Technische Universität Darmstadt. Our international team of over 40 people is led by Timur Sirman and Dr. Max Fries. Our team has world-leading expertise in permanent magnets and magnetic cooling. We recently finalised a seed funding round and will be soon looking towards Series A.


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