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Our innovative magnetic cooling technology is a leap that refrigeration hasn’t taken in nearly two centuries. By utilizing magnetically active material, our systems deliver new heights of efficiency in commercial refrigeration, reducing energy and operational costs. On top of this, applying our magnetic cooling technology to hydrogen liquefaction paves a new way towards a decarbonized future.

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With POLARIS, MAGNOTHERM brought the first magnetic cooler to market. Polaris is an 80 L beverage cooler that’s ready to rent or purchase. Once a prototype and now a plug and play proof that magnetocaloric technology works, POLARIS is ready for corporate events, a casual beer mixer, and everything in between. This beverage cooler shows the world that magnetocalorics is ready to challenge current, inefficient, unsustainable refrigeration and cooling. With POLARIS, you feel the chill, and you’ve felt the proof.

in development

Double door

With our in development Double Door Refrigerator, MAGNOTHERM is ready to make a splash in the commercial market. With a 1000L capacity and huge leaps in energy efficiency over traditional gas compressor systems, MAGNOTHERM’s Double Door is a no-fuss alternative to complicated systems and regulatory environments. With no complex maintenance required, no explosivity, no toxicity, no flammability, and little sound, this unit simply plugs in. It can offer supermarkets and other commercial enterprises total flexibility in layout and freedom from the increasing regulatory environment on climate-damaging refrigerants, while saving significant amounts of energy costs to boot.

in development


Our cutting-edge magnetocaloric technology plays a pivotal role in the HyLICAL research project, aiming to establish Europe’s first magnetic hydrogen liquefaction plant by 2025.


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Our magnetocaloric technology has many additional applications. Talk to us if you wish to partner on applying magnetocalorics to any of these other areas.

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