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MS 30

The MS30 demonstrates the magnetocaloric effect. The device is driven by a hand crank. A magnet is moved over a capsule with magnetocaloric material while water is pumped through the system with a mechanically coupled piston pump. The magnetic field source is a halbach permanent magnet and the magnetocaloric material is Gadolinium. A temperature span of 15K can be achieved within 60 seconds by cranking. In “Active Cooling Mode”, the device can cool down an external metallic body to 10°C in 100s. The temperature change of the device can be displayed on an attached monitor and experienced by touching the external body. Because of the mechanical setup, the device is very robust and can be adapted easily by the user.

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Research - MagnoTherm Solutions

MS 90

The MS90 is a materials testbench for testing magnetocaloric materials under real time conditions. The device is equipped with easily interchangeable material holders for testing various types of materials in active magnetic regenerators (AMR). The magnetic field source is a nested halbach setup and achieves 1.15 T. The fluid flow of the heat exchange fluid as well as its phase shift in accordance to the magnetic field can be adjusted mechanically. The temperature change of the AMR is recorded via Type T thermocouples (not provided) which can be inserted into the material cartridges. The data of up to six thermocouples can be recorded with the provided software. Connecting to an external temperature control is possible (not provided).

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Measurements - MAGNOTHERM


At MAGNOTHERM we offer customized testing services in the field of magnetic refrigeration. We offer to characterize AMR structures in terms of temperature span, cooling power and pressure drop. We can test various types of materials in different shapes and forms due to our in house manufacturing capabilities. We can also provide tailored solutions to our customers needs.

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Simulation - MagnoTherm Solutions


We are able to accurately simulate magnetic materials and permanent and electro-magnet setups. This allows us to provide services in the fields of designing efficient and durable permanent magnet setups. We have designed several magnetic field setups for magnetic cooling, but also for magnetic couplings or specialized setups for thin film deposition.

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Consulting - MagnoTherm Solutions


At MAGNOTHERM we provide consultation services in the fields of magnetic materials and magnetic heat pumping. Our team members are amongst the most cited researchers in their respected fields and can look back at a long track record of research in the field. Members of our team are also deeply involved and coordinate the norming efforts for magnetic refrigeration lead by DIN. Additionally, we also offer customized studies on magnetic cooling upon request.

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