Measuring device to determine cooling capabilities of magnetocaloric materials.



  • Material holder with up to 100 grams
  • Ready to plug-in
  • Self-venting
  • 1.12T Magnetic Field

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Machine Details

The mechanical system consists of a nested Halbach magnet arrangement, driven by a servo motor. It generates a magnetic field with changing field strength. The flux density is up to 1.12T at a frequency ofup to 3 Hz. Furthermore, a piston pump, driven by another servo motor, generates an oscillating fluid flow to which a magnetocaloric heat generator can be connected. The electrical system is powered by a 624W power supply on 48V. The material insert consists of a housing with a sample of Gadolinium spheres and temperature sensors. The Microcontroller is responsible for controlling the overall system andprocessing the measurement results.

General System Specifications

  • Rotation speed: 10 - 180 rpm (magnet rotation speed)
  • Pump stroke: 0 - 15 mm or 0 - 3.96 ml
  • Max. pressure (PS): 6 bars
  • Total weight: ~37 kg
  • Magnetic field: Nested Halbach with 0.03 T to 1.12 T (in center point)
  • Safety features: locked lid, enclosed housing, status led



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Technical Sheet