Our co-founder and advisor Dr. Tino Gottschall has been awarded with the Nicholas Kurti Science Prize for his innovative work regarding magnetocaloric materials in basic research and applied application development.

Oxford Instruments, a British manufacturer of scientific devices for research and development, has recognized Tino's work towards a better understanding of the magnetocaloric material's phenomena in static and pulsed magnetic fields. Tino has published numerous papers and reviews about the magnetocaloric effect. He is one of the most-cited scientists under 35 in the domain of magnetic materials.

The prize aims to promote and recognise the novel work of young scientists working in the fields of low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields in Europe. It is endowed with EUR 8,000 and the winner is selected by a committee of senior academics based throughout Europe. The committee is chaired by Professor George Pickett, Lancaster University and includes Professor Rolf Haug, Universität Hannover, Professor Vladimir Dmitriev, P L Kapitza Institute, Moscow, Professor Dominik Zumbühl, University of Basel and Dr Silviano De Francheshi, Institute for Nanosciences and Cryogenics, Grenoble.

The whole team of MAGNOTHERM is very proud and congratulates Tino for his outstanding contributions to science and society!

Photo credits: R. Weisflog (HZDR)