MAGNOTHERM, a pioneering company in sustainable cooling, recently took part in ChangeNOW in Paris, a global event that unites change-makers from around the world to drive positive transformation for our planet. As advocates of sustainability, MAGNOTHERM was excited to participate in this influential gathering.

At MAGNOTHERM, the team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for a greener future. Their cutting-edge magnetocaloric materials have the potential to revolutionize cooling technologies, making them more efficient and sustainable. From refrigeration systems for supermarkets and hydrogen liquefaction to their unique POLARIS series, including the world's first magnetic beverage cooler available for rent and sale in Europe, MAGNOTHERM showcased their groundbreaking technology at ChangeNOW.

ChangeNOW Paris provided an exceptional platform for MAGNOTHERM to exhibit their breakthrough technology, connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, and foster collaboration towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

During the event, MAGNOTHERM had the privilege of engaging with passionate change-makers from across the globe, all working towards a sustainable future. The energy and enthusiasm were truly inspiring.
Notable highlights included thought-provoking panel discussions on renewable energy, breakthrough clean technologies, and impactful social initiatives. These discussions sparked dynamic exchanges of ideas, fostering collaboration and fueling MAGNOTHERM's commitment to driving positive change.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors further validated MAGNOTHERM's dedication to making a difference. The support and engagement received reaffirmed the belief in the power of innovative technologies to reshape the world for the better.

With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, MAGNOTHERM emerged from ChangeNOW Paris more motivated than ever. The team is committed to pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and accelerating the transition toward a sustainable future.

MAGNOTHERM extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited their booth, engaged in meaningful conversations, and shared valuable insights. The collaboration and support received are deeply appreciated, and they look forward to continuing the journey together.