MAGNOTHERM, a dynamic spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt, recently participated in konaktiva, one of the region's largest job fairs for students. This event, organized by the university, provided an excellent platform for students and companies to connect and explore potential career opportunities.

As a leading player in sustainable cooling technology and the renewable energy industry, MAGNOTHERM is deeply committed to fostering young talent and driving innovation. The company's presence at konaktiva allowed them to engage with a diverse pool of talented students and graduates, opening doors for potential collaborations and future partnerships.

"It was an incredible experience connecting with so many bright and promising individuals," said a representative from MAGNOTHERM. "We are always on the lookout for motivated engineers, physicists, and business professionals who share our passion for making a positive impact on the world."

With its cutting-edge projects and commitment to sustainability, MAGNOTHERM offers exciting career prospects for those seeking to work in a forward-thinking field. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore the company's current job openings and apply today.

Highlighting the significance of events like konaktiva, Bijan Kaffenberger, Spokesman for Digital Policy of the SPD Parliamentary Group and MP for the State Parliament of Hesse, visited MAGNOTHERM during the fair. He emphasized the importance of transforming the economy through digital and sustainable innovations, stating, "Equally important for reaching this goal: Smart people! With konaktiva, a career orientation fair is finally taking place again where both necessary aspects meet."

MAGNOTHERM's commitment to talent acquisition and partnership building was further emphasized by their interesting fact: their first employee, Tim Sittig, was recruited through konaktiva 2020. This milestone serves as a testament to the fair's ability to connect companies with exceptional individuals, marking the beginning of a successful journey.

As MAGNOTHERM continues to push the boundaries of sustainable technology, they remain dedicated to nurturing young talent and creating a positive impact on the world.