For his mastery of hysteresis of magnetic materials for energy-efficient technologies, including permanent magnets and magnetocaloric materials, making magnetism-based energy conversion sustainable, our co-founder Prof. Dr. Oliver Gutfleisch won the highly sought-after prize awarded by the European Magnetism Association (EMA).

His research for more than 20 years provided the basis for the whole idea behind MAGNOTHERM. As one of our co-founders and a world-leading expert within the fields of functional materials and permanent magnets, we value his advisory input.

**About the award and EMA **

EMA Promotes magnetism and magnetic materials in Europe by boosting research visibility and impact. As the central organization for all magnetism-related activities, it gives magnetism a voice in the physical community.

Dominique Givord has been a key person in establishing the European community of Magnetism, including the European School of Magnetism, the Joint European Magnetic Symposia, and the European Magnetism Association.

To honour his life’s work, EMA triennially awards scientists who advance magnetism research and its community within Europe. It’s the highest distinction EMA grants.