This Tuesday, our CEO Maximilian Fries shared our journey at the kickoff press conference of this year's edition of Hessischer Gründerpreis hosted by Sparkasse Darmstadt and the city of Darmstadt. The award was the initial spark that helped us form beneficial partnerships, visibility, and credibility beyond the state of Hesse. As our CEO Maximilian Fries noted, this price gave MAGNOTHERM credibility, and our case exemplifies how the Hessischer Gründerpreis can lead to success.

Hessischer Gründerpreis means Hessian Founders Award. For 20 years, it supported founders within Hesse to bring their ideas to the market. Initiated shortly after the dotcom crisis when banks and venture capital were quite cautious, this price laid an important groundwork for the prospering startup scene within one of the strongest economic areas in Europe.

In 2019, MAGNOTHERM won the category “Innovative Business Idea”. Specifically, POLARIS, as the first commercially produced magnetic beverage cooler that does not rely on gas compressors, was our debut product. This year, we were chosen to be guests of honor as a best practice example. On this occasion, our CEO and Co-founder, Maximilian Fries joined the kickoff press conference and gave insight into our development since back then as well as our nowadays’ achievements.

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